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Development setup

react-modal uses make to build and publish new versions and documentation.

It works as a checklist for the future releases to keep everything updated such as, package.json and bower.json and so on.

The minimun works as a normal npm scripts.


Once you clone react-modal, you can run sh to check and download dependencies not managed by react-modal such as gitbook-cli.

It will also show information about the current versions of node, npm, yarn and jq available.

List of npm or yarn commands

$ npm start
$ npm run tests
$ npm run lint

List of make commands

$ make help           # show all make commands available
$ make deps           # npm install
$ make serve          # start a examples' web server
$ make tests          # use when developing
$ make tests-ci       # single run
$ make lint           # execute lint
$ make publish        # execute the entire pipeline to publish
$ make publish-docs   # execute the pipeline for docs