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Commit Subjects

If your patch changes the API or fixes a bug please use one of the following prefixes in your commit subject:

  • [fixed] ...
  • [changed] ...
  • [added] ...
  • [removed] ...

That ensures the subject line of your commit makes it into the auto-generated changelog. Do not use these tags if your change doesn't fix a bug and doesn't change the public API.

Commits with changed, added, or removed, must be reviewed by another collaborator.

When using [changed] or [removed]...

Please include an upgrade path with example code in the commit message. If it doesn't make sense to do this, then it doesn't make sense to use [changed] or [removed] :)


Please update the README with any API changes, the code and docs should always be in sync.


  • npm start runs the dev server to run/develop examples
  • npm test will run the tests.
  • scripts/test same as npm test but keeps karma running and watches for changes


Please do not include the output of scripts/build in your commits, we only do this when we release. (Also, you probably don't need to build anyway unless you are fixing something around our global build.)